red car
How do you know when you are a graphic designer suffering a midlife crisis –

  • When you feel all the other designs are looking prettier than yours
  • When you see a brochure and say – Why the “bleep” would you make typography that small – I would need a magnifying glass to read that (or my reading glasses). Thinking about it why did I used to laugh when someone suggested making body copy 12pt – it’s just perfectly sensible.
  • When you want to get rid of your old Mac and get a newer more attractive model
  • When you want an Ipad because – why?… well that still makes you hip doesn’t it?
  • When you still have a fax machine in the corner of your office just in case anyone ever wants to send some amends through
  • When you’re thinking about changing to Radio 2 for your background office music – because Radio 1 just repeats itself all day and what’s the “bleeping” dance stuff all about anyway
  • When you still have a can of spray mount in the cupboard and have a little reminiscent sniff of its lid when you see it
  • When you still think tranny means a 5″ x 4″ or 35mm slide you need to get scanned
  • When you still love quark – and you don’t care what anyone else says, you know you’re right

So how did you do?

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