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Deeply Graphic Design PodcastWes McDowell got in touch with me to let me know about his great new graphic design podcast called the Deeply Graphic Design Cast. Wes kindly agreed to answer a few questions about himself and what we can all be expecting from the podcast.

Tara: What is your name and your company name?
Wes: I’m Wes McDowell and my company is called The Deep End.

Tara: Where are you based?
Wes: We are now based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Tara: Please can you tell me a bit about your background as a designer and what you do now?
Wes: I’ve had pretty varied experience in the design world since I started back in 2001. I started as a freelancer, mostly doing logos and really really bad websites for local businesses. I shudder to look back at some of that early work. My first “real job” was as part of an in-house design team for a software company where I worked on the user interface as well as packaging for some of the software programs we put out. Then I moved to a different in-house team doing a lot of packaging and printed goods for retail. After that, I moved to Seattle where I freelanced and ultimately started my company The Deep End. My time in Seattle was mostly spent working on web based projects, and I learned a LOT about where the web is now and where its going. I’d say that 80% of what I do right now is web based versus print.

Tara: You have just set up a Podcast about Graphic Design please could you tell me a bit about it and how it came about?
Wes: I have been listening to podcasts for the past few years. I love the idea of walking or driving to work and learning something while I do it. I had a handful of design related podcasts I would look forward to, and the ones I really liked just kinda stopped coming out. That made me think that I should pick up the slack. I called up my old friend and former co-worker Brandon Voss, and asked him if he would be interested in helping me out with it, and he agreed. I was hooked up with Mikelle Morrison through a recruiter that I had worked with and I couldn’t be happier with our team. We have such different experience and viewpoints that it makes for a really interesting show.

Tara: What sort of topics do you intend covering in the podcast?
Wes: We want to do it all! It may take a while, but we plan on sticking around as long as people keep listening. We want to cover the business aspects, such as proposals, contracts, and how to attract bigger clients, as well as the creative side. Things like upcoming design trends, or where to go to find creative inspiration. We also want to cover topics that appeal to not only the freelance designer, but also to those who aim at getting a job at an agency.

Tara: Is the podcast aimed a newbies or the more experienced designer?
Wes: I think on the surface it seems like its more a newbie show, but I think that even more experienced designers will get a lot out of the show. Newbies will listen to get advice on how to do certain things, and pros will listen to get some different points of view on how they already do things. I know that just by having these conversations with my co-hosts that I learn something each time.

Tara: Why did you decide to create a podcast targeted at designers rather than potential clients?
Wes: I don’t think that clients necessarily have any interest in what we would be talking about. They certainly wouldn’t become longtime listeners, if design isn’t what interests them. Generally a client becomes interested in web design and the basic process while the process is going on, but once the site is built, they move on to the next phase of their business. Also, this is just a natural extension of my blog, which was always aimed at other designers. I just love graphic design, and I want to talk about it with other people who love it like I do. We want to build a community of listeners, and we invite them to email us questions that we will answer on-air, as well as tweet us topics they would like us to cover.

Tara: Where can people go to find out more about you and subscribe to the Podcast?
You can subscribe, listen and find out more about us at: