Its been a long time since I last posted, and I have no excuse except to say I just ran out of steam, short attention span and all that. My site was also taken down for a few days by my host provider due to heavy usage and I had to try and trim it down a bit.

So how is the world of graphic design in the recession? How is it for you? For me, I see ups and downs, a manic June with loads of work to a quiet July (although holiday season generally slows things down a bit).

I have tried out a few different methods this/last year to promote myself with varied results:

  • Blogging – yes the blog bought in a few bits of work, but as you know I have been a bit lazy on that one 🙂
  • Directories/Google local – I have found a couple of new clients purely through then finding my design website (not graphic design blog) online through a google local search or being high up in google through being listed in a design directory.
  • Mailshot – creating a postcard and dropping it in letterboxes of local firms found me one small job, but overall wasn’t particularly successful
  • Advertising in a business magazine – not successful for me at all.

What are your experience of graphic design in a recession and what are you doing about it?