google plus for freelance designersYou just start getting the hang of Facebook and use a bit of Twitter for marketing for your freelance design business and then Google Plus arrives and throws another spanner in the works. So now we all have another social network to learn how to use, which is why Alex Mathers has created a new Book called Google+ Course for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses which you can find at Alex was kind enough to give me a free copy as I had reviewed his previous book on design promotion and enjoyed it.

The book is made up of 3 Parts:

Part 1 – An overview of marketing for the freelance designer or design business owner

This is a great refresher into marketing yourself as a graphic designer especially if you haven’t read Alex’s previous book and covers things like: knowing your target market, setting up an online portfolio, a quick word on blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Mailing Lists.

Part 2 – Setting up and and how to use Google Plus for your graphic design business

This second part features screen shots and text showing you how to get started on Google Plus. This includes tips on uploading photos to use as a portfolio and how to organise your circles (these are a way of grouping different people together). I also learned a great tip here on how to use circles to collect together articles you want to save and refer to later (great for bloggers).

Part 3 – Building a network on Google Plus

The third and final part of this book is more about how to use Google plus to build a network for your design business, how to find influential people to engage with and how to make yourself appear an authority in your field.

Is the Book “Google Plus for Freelancers” for you?

If you haven’t yet got yourself on Google plus, or have just started but want to kick start your knowledge, then this book is for you. Just as with Alex’s last book this book is straight forward good information and no fluff.

Find out more about the book here it’s currently on promotion for $29 until Friday 10th February 2012

PS: you can find me on Google Plus here (my personal profile) and my Graphic Design Blog Page here, IĀ  hope to see you over there

Disclosure: I was given a review copy of this book, the link to the book in this post is an affiliate link, which means if you buy through my link I will earn a commission (it won’t cost you any more).