I first heard about Google Notebook book over on www.redsil.com/blog/ and have been using it ever since.

Google NotebookWhenever I used to find a new site I thought was interesting I used to bookmark it in Firefox, but my bookmark list became huge and I could never quite remember what some of them were. Google Notebook makes things a lot easier. Google Notebook has a Firefox extension which allows you to open your notebook from the bottom of your browser (while still viewing a web page). So when you find a web page you like, simply open your notebook from the bottom of your browser and press “clip” – which creates a link to the article, then below it add your notes about the article.

Whenever I see a site I am interested in I “clip it” and write a short note, so when I am stuck for inspiration for what to write (or nice designs) I have a look through my Google Notebook. The good thing too is that it is easy to delete an entry, so when I have written about a subject I can delete it and hopefully my Google Notebook won’t end up as cluttered as my bookmarks 🙂 .

Another advantage of Google Notebook over Bookmarking is that your notebook is available in any machine wherever you are work or home as long as you can login to your google account.

Google Notebook is not just for bookmarking links you can also use it for (surprisingly 🙂 ) writing notes or reminders for yourself. Take a look at the Google Notebook tour to find out more.