kickstarter creative funding

Have you have ever had an idea for a creative design or art project that you really wanted to do but couldn’t afford it? Maybe you wanted to hold a show  or your lastest art or design at a big gallery, perhaps you want to publish you new illustrated book or graphic novel. Whatever it is you could try your chances of getting you creative project funded through (currently US only but they are working on international).

Kickstarter is a site which allows you to post your project (for free) asking for investment for a duration of between 1 and 90 days. Then anyone can offer money towards the total amount, this can be from small amounts eg.  $25 upwards. You can decide what you are prepared to offer you investors, so you might suggest that for an investment of $25 they get a link on your project’s website, or maybe free tickets to your event for those that offer more.

In order to get your money you have to be pledged the full investment, at this point Kickstarter will take a 5% fee.

Find out more at

If you are outside the US there are other sites similar to Kickstarter which can be found on the Web Distortion Blog (found via Imants Caklais)

What do you think, is this a good way to fund creative projects?