Lynmouth Devon

One thing I really like about freelancing is being in control of your own time, you decide when you work and how much holiday you take. One thing I hate is that no-one does the work while you are away.

I have just been away for a week down to Devon, hence my response to comments has been rather quiet, but thank you to those people that left comments. What was nice about being away was not being bombarded with emails for a week, I didn’t have access to a computer which makes a real change. What about mobile phones though – should a freelancer turn of their mobile phone while they are away or is it business as usual? I like to let my clients know that I am going away (if for a week or more) a few weeks/month in advance so I can tidy up any loose ends while I am away and most of them are pretty good about this. If there is something urgent to deal with that I am aware of I don’t mind taking phone call but other than that my time should be mine.

How do you deal with clients who contact you on holiday? This year there was no mobile phone signal where we were staying, so until we went out to another town after a few days I didn’t receive a text message a client had sent asking me a question (and by that time it was too late to answer anyway). The problem is not the question that was being asked which was relatively minor, the problem is it immediately puts you back in a work frame of mind.

So my question to all the freelancers is what do you do, turn off the mobile and email and relax or is it business as usual?