If you are a freelancer in graphic design (or any other profession I would imagine) you are used to the feast or famine way work goes.

I have had the weirdest month so far – at the beginning of the month, I was told I had a 100 page catalogue to do and a couple of A5 60 page brochures (which I had already done the concepts for). So what it happening? Absolutely nothing! The 100 page catalogue was cancelled as there was not enough time for it to be designed and printed for an exhibition the client had on, the two 60 page brochures are delayed as the text is doing further rounds of checking. So here I am, sipping tea and writing this design blog when I should have been tearing my hair out trying to get everything done it time.

I have a couple of personal projects on the go so I think I will take a look at those along with a logo I said I would design as a favour for a charity.

Who knows next week I could be burning the midnight oil!