Up until recently I had always organised my design work in a really basic way, just typing up a list if projects and breaking them up over the week. A few months ago I was introduced to Basecamp, which is an online software where you can organise your projects and have others collaborating on projects with you. The only problems was that only a very basic version was free, that was when Lisa from Finkcards told me about Podio.


Just like Basecamp, Podio allows you to create and cchedule tasks and create different spaces where you can invite other people to collaborate. This is great for scheduling your own projects and for designers collaborating on design projects. Another interesting feature of Podio is that it allows you to create “Apps” and all this requires is a drag and drop of different elements (no coding needed). This gives you the ability to do all sorts of things such as storing contacts for a design job, collecting together inspirational links and much more. You can also attach images in Podio giving clients or the rest of your team the ability to leave comments, which can save you from having to dig through emails, and allows you to remember who said what.


Although I have only quickly looked at it, another free option for managing your design projects is Freedcamp which is very similar to Basecamp. Check out the video below to find out more.

You can read a full review at theĀ  Pixsym Blog


If you have ever tried the paid App “Things” by Culture Code Wunderlist looks very similar, if a little more basic, but best of all it’s free. It’s available for Mac, PC Andoid and Iphone and you can also collaborate (though I haven’t tried this). The only thing that bugged me about Wunderlist is that I could only view my tasks by Project and not purely by date.

What do you use to manage your design projects?