graphic toolsIf you are as old as I am 🙂 you may remember some of the ridiculous graphic design tools we used to use. I can remember some of the list of things I was given to buy for my design college course, magic markers, rotring pens, type gauge. I never did quite work out how to use that stupid type gauge or master the art of magic markers. When I was at art/design college the graphic design industry was using computers but the college hadn’t quite moved forward that much and computer use was more minimal than working by hand. Over at there is a museum of forgotten graphic tools you can reminisce fondly (not) about, or have a laugh at if you’re too young to remember any of them. I had a dig in my desk drawer and found a few too, an adjustable set square, magic marker, rolling ruler and my own dreaded type rule mmm.. they’ll come in handy.