Art in a Box
I just found out about a really interesting looking website called Art in a Box. It looks a great idea, whereby art lovers can subscribe and for a monthly fee of $50 get sent a piece of art from one of the sites registered artists. Obviously sometimes you might not like the art, so you are taking a punt, but it would be an interesting way of finding new artists work, plus get some original work on your walls for a decent price. It might sound like a bad deal for the artist, but I think it is really being used as a lead generator for them as they can also sell their work through the companies online shop at greater prices. Chances are if someone likes your work they might just buy another piece. Currently Art in a Box is only available in the US. Correction: Artbox is available in the US and Canada + other countries for an additional postage charge.

Artist Renee Johnson talks about her work

Art in a Box artist Martin Webb talks about his work

A Conversation with Art in a Box artist Kelsey Robinson

original source – newsletter