I have recently been reading about a website called format pixel.

formatpixel is an online application which allows you to create ‘page’ based presentations; anything from magazines to fanzines, brochures to catalogues and even portfolios”

The basic idea is that users can upload images and display them, but the thing that seems to separate this site from others is that it offers you the ability to literally layout pages and edit images – in a sort of stripped down Quark/Photoshop sort of way. Looking at the screen shots it looks like it could be an interesting application. It looks ideal for a designer/student or photographer who wants to create a quick online portfolio of their work. It allows you to embed both moving images (including youtube) and static ones.

It’s free for one project and then from £15 to £40 year depending on the amount of projects and space you require.

Features as listed on the website include:


  • Insert pages
  • Use the Spread Planner to arrange the order of, add and delete pages
  • Layer objects on your pages in front of and behind one another
  • Apply colour to your pages
  • Apply background colours to your project
  • Utilise the snap-to-grid functions and alignment helpers
  • Upload your own images with the built in image library
  • Export Projects to your desktop**
    Embed projects in your own HTML pages or Blogs

Text objects

  • Change font face
  • Change font colour
  • Change font style [ normal, bold, italic ]
  • Change font alignment [ left, centered or right justified ]
  • Change the background colour
  • Add drop shadow
  • Change the kerning [ spacing between letters ]
  • Change the leading [ spacing between lines ]
  • Add links to other pages, sites or email addresses

Media objects

  • Import your own JPG, GIF or PNG [ including support for transparency ] files
  • Import FLV Video files
  • NEW Link to YouTube Videos
  • Create your own formatpixel image library
  • Edit the names of your images or delete them
  • Crop your images
  • Add blending modes to images
  • Apply colour filters [ normal, greyscale or sepia ]
  • Apply a customisable blur effect
  • Scale object

Shape objects

  • Change shape
  • Change shapes colour
  • Add blending modes to your shapes
  • Add links to other pages, sites or email addresses