As you may or may not know (I probably harp on about it too much) I am trying to learn CSS and HTML. There are loads of good sites out there that show what can be done with CSS Inspiration Bit lists a good selection. What I have always found difficult is knowing what bit of CSS controls what. I figured if I could see how things were done on these sites it would give me more of an insight to the process. I decided to ask on sitepoint forums if this was possible.


The answer Firebug for Firefox Once downloaded you can open any web page, click on the inspector and see what bit of CSS does what(by putting your mouse over it) – the name of the divs, the spec of fonts etc etc. You can also experiment in by changing values to see the result, for instance I tried changing font sizes and background repeats on a site at CSS garden to see the results.

I can imagine Firebug would be really useful for adapting WordPress templates as it enables you to easily see what everything is named.