One problem that I don’t think has ever really been solved for a graphic designer is an easy way to find the right font for a job. How often have you known what you are looking for, maybe something fun, maybe a modern font, but the task of finding that right font is tedious. You end up spending so much time trying to find that perfect elusive font that it leaves you less time for the rest of the design. Sometimes with lack of time or budget you just reach for the trusty old favourite, when the right font could have really added “personality” to a design

For ages I have meant to organise my fonts by style, but a new job always arrives and I put it on the back burner. Free fonts sites such as DaFont, in my opinion, make it far easier to search for a font by style category than some of the commercial ones and are great for headings and sometimes logos. I am always wary of using free fonts for body copy as the kerning is not always great and they do not always include a full set of characters.

Suitcase can be of help by typing in a word and viewing it in different styles, the only downside is the font has to have been loaded into suitcase to view it.
The best solution I have found so far for seeing what fonts I have on my machine, without having to install them in something like suitcase is FontCat for Mac. In FontCat you can open a whole folder of fonts, view them all, and create printed sheets of them if you want. There is a free trial version if anyone wants to try it out

Has anybody else got any good solutions for finding and cataloging fonts?