I recently discovered Typo Music by Carlos Fernando Agudo when he started to follow me on twitter, I checked out his website and followed him back. When I first saw his site I thought “what great collection of typographic designed album covers”, but I was wrong. I had already checked the website’s about page, but that didn’t help me as it wasn’t in English and I couldn’t easily translate it as it wasn’t real text. I contacted Carlos who owns the site and asked him if he could tell me a little more about his website and designs. It turns out that the typographic designs are his personal design project to interpret songs that he loves. He has then opened up the project to other artists and designers to submit their designs.

Read below what Carlos had to say about his Typo Music website and designs.

typographic design for music

“Everything started with an addiction problem … with a song, it was something waaaaay beyond enjoying. I listened this song on my iPod, every day … I’m not kidding, all day long … during three days.  In order to “exorcise” this feeling, I tried to put my feelings about the lyrics and the music itself in a design piece. Typography is the visual lenguage that I prefer, where I feel comfortable and let me express an idea more accurate as a designer, so, I used it to create a typographic composition related with this song.  The final result is what you can see on the last image, at the bottom of the page (The Metro, Berlin).  I uploaded this image to my flickr profile where I received a lot of good comments about the work, and other comments saying: hey, same thing happened to me with “X” song.  Then I opened a space where designers can do the same exercise.”

Simple rules:

1. Your favorite song (no restrictions)

2. Use typography as a main element on the layout, also you can use another languages and photography or illustration.

3. Square workspace (600×600 px).

And then MY FAVORITE TYPO’ MUSIC was born.  I received almost 130 designs from designers and visual artists from Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.  I developed my thesis using this work as a corpus, doing a reflection about the interiorization process of a content (music in this case) in order to produce a consequent design piece.”

“I’m working right now on trying to create a second call to designers and visual artists all over the world to participate and then to publish a book with those works and my reflections about it.”

If you want to submit your work to Typo Music please please visit the website.

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