faceSome of you may know I was a bit reluctant to take part in this meme, but I have now been tagged twice, thanks (I think?) David and Randa so here goes. To be honest I couldn’t find many photos of me, probably because I always have a firm hold on the camera and so am usually behind rather than in front of it.

I live in a village in Northamptonshire UK with my boyfriend (I hate that word it sounds like I am 14). We have lived together for about 12 years now and its just the two of us (by choice) although we would quite like a dog πŸ™‚ if we had a bit more garden (we just have a gravel drive).


The pic above left is of Kevin and I just before we went out for a meal a couple of years ago for my Mum and Dad’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary. The one on the right is where I had had a few drinks on holiday (hence the red face), a couple of years ago in France.

brusselsThis is me in a funny hat in an arcade of chocolate shops and bookshops in Brussels in December last year. We went for a short break just before Christmas which was great apart from it poured most the time we were there. The lights in the main square looked amazing though. We also went to see Nerina Pallot in concert – at la Botanique while we were there. If you like acoustic music I would thoroughly recommend seeing her, she just sings and plays on her own, on a piano or guitar. The room in La Botanique was fantastic too, completely round with wooden steps that you sat on, it only held about 100 people and was like a concert in your living room.

officeAnd finally a picture of my office, which is our converted garage. Kevin and his step dad put some worktops up for me so I have loads of desk space (though as you can see I am pretty messy). My office also doubles up as my guitar room, I have found collecting guitars a little addictive and have got to stop!

I would like to tag Kevin from Blogging Tips (When you are back from your travels) and Aaron at www.milienzo.com