I have been reading about a new plugin for Dreamweaver CSS Sculptor which sounds like it could be incredibly useful for both CSS novices and more experienced web designers looking to speed up the web layout process. I have watched the video showing what the plugin can do and basically you start with an option of 30 different templates, 2 column, 3 column, fixed width, fluid width etc but all of them are fully and easily edited through a menu system so if you want to, your basic framework can be built without any coding.

CSS sculptor

“Modern Web design requires Web standards compliant CSS-based layouts. CSS Sculptor meets that requirement with flexibility, expertise and ease-of-use. Select a core layout, personalize it however you’d like and then output it, ready for your content and cross-browser compatible.”

Having never really got the hang of Dreamweaver this is a plugin I wonder if it may be worth trying. If any of you have tried it I’d love to hear how you got on.

CSS Sculptor is compatible with Mac and PC and currently $99 (will be $149).