Ever wanted to create your own social networking (a la MySpace) site to bring fellow creatives or designers together?

Elgg is an Open Source (free) program to do just that, I have been reading a little about it in .Net Magazine and hope to have a dabble with it when I can. Elgg can be downloaded and run from your own server and then looks like it has a lot of the features of community sites such as MySpace, Facebook etc. I was looking into scripts like this a few months ago but then they were costing a few hundred dollars (and I didn’t know if they worked), but Elgg is free.

Features of Elgg

  • Blogging
  • Social networking
  • File repositories for individuals and communities
  • Podcast support
  • Full access controls
  • Supports tagging
  • User profiles
  • Full RSS support
  • RSS aggregator
  • Create communities
  • Collaborative community blogs
  • Create ‘friends’ networks
  • Import content
  • Publish to blog
  • Multilingual
  • Branding/customisation
  • OpenID support – coming soon

Elgg requires requires an Apache web server with mod_rewrite installed and the ability to send emails, plus PHP 4.3+ and MySQL 4.1+ (Postgres can also be used).

There are a limited number of themes currently available but these are editable with CSS and I am sure as Elgg grows in popularity the number of themes will increase.

If any one tries it let us know how you get on.