I am not very politically minded, but one thing that annoys me is the traffic congestion on the roads, and no-one has come up with the simple answer – WORK FROM HOME. Luckily I work from home and rarely have to battle the rush hour traffic, but I am amazed when I do. Its only 3 years since I went freelance but the traffic has still increased in that time. With that traffic also comes pollution.

How many jobs really require an employee to travel everyday to its place of business? I am sure most people could do most of their work from home and maybe travel to an office once or twice a week. Certainly in the creative industry, and general office work the majority of jobs could be done from home. Broadband for uploading and downloading files from a central server, webcams for conferencing, phone calls diverted to home phones.

Surely it would benefit companies too, they would require less office space. I know Employers may be concerned that employees may not be working, but who’s to say they are in the office with so many distractions – colleagues, mobile phones, the internet. If work could be measured by productivity rather than hours attending an office, this could be the answer. For employees, there would be less travelling, less childcare costs, more of working hours to suit you. As long as the job gets done, does it really matter if its done 9am-5pm or 6pm – 2am?

Shouldn’t there really be more incentives for employers to set employees up working from home?

(sorry about the rant, I’m finished now 🙂 )