Do designers think alike? Like everyone we are all influexperimentenced by what is going on around us whether deliberately or subconsciously, we are also influenced by design trends. I have been reading so much lately about one logo that looks similar to another, that I thought it would be interesting to carry out an experiment.

The experiment is open to anyone who wants to take part. All you have to do is scribble a logo idea (or several if you wish) for two fictitious companies (or just one if you want) and upload them to your blog or webspace on 29th May. The two company names, which came from a blogcatalog forum request are

  • caffeine rush – espresso machine & accessory supplies
    suggested by Steve
  • Cheap’n’cheerful – budget fancy dress shop
    suggested by David Airey (hope you don’t mind David I slightly changed this)

I will upload my rough scribbles on 29th May and would invite anybody who would like to take part to upload their logo scribbles to their own web space or blog on the same day. Send me a link to your logos and I will add it to the post featuring mine.

Maybe we can find out if designers really do think alike?