experimentI had read a lot of articles showing one logo that looked like another and so a few weeks ago thought it might be fun to try an experiment to see of Designers Think Alike. I am not saying they do, but I do think design trends, fashion and even sometimes the letters in a logo and how they could fit together can sometimes result in similarities. I know there have been times in the past when I have designed a logo and then thought it reminded me of something but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

So the idea of the experiment was to sketch (or digitally create if you wish) ideas for two fictitious logos – names kindly suggested by two fellow bloggers

  • caffeine rush – espresso machine & accessory supplies
    suggested by Steve
  • Cheap’n’cheerful – budget fancy dress shop
    suggested by David Airey

If you have taken part (thank you) and want me to link to a page where you have created uploaded your sketches please email me at mail@graphicdesignblog.co.uk

My logo scribbles certainly aren’t going to win any awards πŸ™‚ (no laughing), but I have put them on a separate page in case you still want to scribble your ideas before you take a look at mine. My logos can be viewed on my logo page


Paul’s logos at www.paulenderson.com (thanks Paul)
Bee’s logos fromΒ http://www.bizz-e-b.com/blog/Β (thanks Bee)
Siong’s logos at www.siongchin.com (thanks Siong)
Joe ‘s logo at www.wildheartworks.blogspot.com (thanks Joe)
Rob’s logo at www./robcubbon.com