On a light hearted note I thought I would share a few of the design related things that I have found amusing lately.

I am not usually one for being amused by joke emails, in fact I am a bit of a stick in the mud, but I received an email from my boyfriend that did make me smile, the subject line read

“This is what happens when your father is a graphic designer”

These were the images that followed.
designer babies

Over at www.katize.com there is a bedside table designed to convert into a weapon and shield to fend off intruders. This blog is well worth taking a look at, there are some very unusual finds.
table design

Want to show off your six pack, or in my case slightly wobbly belly to some poor unsuspecting passer by? Then perhaps the venetian blind design t-shirt at www.shi-ki-sa-i.com is for you.
t-shirt design

If you find flash loading pages a little tedious, at least www.sinteractive.eu keeps you amused with its Atari style ball game.
Atari tennis

Take the tongue in cheek quiz to find out what you could do with your skills if you decided to leave the world of design and advertising www.lifeafteradvertising.com found via www.jdempsey.com
career in advertising