I was driving to a meeting a couple of days ago and a white van was driving the other way. On the van was a graphic of a tractor, nothing particularly exciting you’d think, but what I liked about it was that the wheel of the real van became the wheel of the tractor graphic. Unfortunately the van was going to fast for me to catch the company name.

I like the idea that a part of a product becomes a part of the design. It is all to easy (I know I am a victim of it myself) to see an object which you have to apply a graphic to, and “decorate it” rather than make the graphic work with the object.

Some examples I found which use the principle that a design should work with an object are some carrier bags. All of the designs use the bag handle in an innovative way.

bags nails
Source of Images Flickr

I’d love to hear if anyone knows of any other designs which incorporate part of an object?