designer glasses

A while ago I read a post at Noisey Decent Graphics called The Design Disease and I am sorry to say I have caught it. The article basically discusses how if you are a designer you notice things that non designers just wouldn’t.

I realised I had a serious dose of design disease when I first got to the opticians to pick up my glasses and was ushered to a chair in the waiting room. What an awful chair, one of those standard mid blue squarish cushioned ones with squared off legs and no style whatsoever, still I only had to sit on half of it as there was a rather large lady sitting next to me. Next there was a stand of designer glasses which was plonked about a metre in front of my chair, not in a buy me way, but as an afterthought as there there was no where left to put it.

Built around the counter was a point of sale unit with shelving and an eliptical structure holding contact lense boxes. I found myself working out how I could create outlines in illustrator, extrude them in strata 3D and build a 3D model of the unit (how sad).

For supposedly designer glasses, the cases I got were styled like a brick. What is going on with those free cases they give you, would it really cost anymore to produce cases that were aestheticaly pleasing?

Anyway my new glasses are ok, well they will be when I get used to them, and I really liked the paper carier bag 🙂 .