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Win a $50 (approx £25) Amazon Voucher by writing a 50-100 word blog post (see details below) on, either your biggest graphic design bloopers (mistake/s) or the biggest/funniest design mistakes you have seen.

Inspired by Aaron from post why proof reading is important I started thinking about graphic design mistakes. I did a google search expecting to find references to thousands, but nothing except articles like “10 web design mistakes to avoid”. So, did I search the wrong terms, or is nobody prepared to admit to their design mistakes?

Several years ago, when I was still an employee, I had to create a wordsearch in a company’s newsletter I had designed. The wordsearch contained words relating to their products. The only problem was I spelt one of the words wrong within the puzzle so no-one would ever be able to find it…ooops. The next issue of the newsletter they had a competition to spot the deliberate mistake in the previous issues word search (seriously!).

What about deliberate mistakes too? A photographer I sometimes use, was telling me, that when he was much younger he used to be a photographer for a catalogue company and had to photograph product shots all day. To ease his boredom, he and his fellow photographers used to moony into the reflection of shiny products. He said no-one ever noticed, but he and his colleagues would see their bottoms reflected throughout the catalogue. Needless to say, I avoid giving him shiny objects to photograph!

To enter just email along with your 50 – 500 words (describing it, where you found it etc, your name, URL ), if you have got an image of the design blooper to go with it that’s great too. It can be your own design mistake, a colleagues or something you have seen in a book or on the web.

Some suggestions include – 1. the worst typos or grammatical errors you have seen 2.logos which look like something else 3. photography which has been flipped so wording reads the wrong way or a flag becomes that of a different country 4. brochures with missing contact details or logo

The best entries will be posted on this site with your name and website URL, so don’t forget to include that with your entry. The winning entry, chosen by myself (unless anyone would like to volunteer as a guest judge?) will receive a $50 (approx £25) emailed voucher from Amazon. Closing date for entries 21st May 2007.

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