Like many bloggers I try and keep an eye on what is going on by various methods – google news, technorati, digg, etc. A couple of days ago I was doing a bit of research for a design topic I was intending writing a post about and searching for suitable links and information. I used to search for the design subject and in doing so inadvertently came across a fellow bloggers tags for the subject. Knowing that blogger also blogs in a design niche out of curiosity and took a look at their tags. I had never really thought about it before but I saw all the tags they had made in research for a subject that they had very recently blogged about. Now I rarely use for keeping track of my blogging research, purely because I prefer the usability of Google Notebook (recommended by Johno) but it got me thinking –

  • Would I really want other people knowing what I am going to blog about?
  • Would I want other people to use my research to potentially write a blog post before I do?

Maybe I am being a little paranoid, but take the following scenario:

You are researching the area of direct mail design and your tags feature 5 or 6 websites you intend to feature, a blogger who also blogs in the design niche sees your tags and writes an article about direct mail design using many of the sites you have referenced before you have had chance to write a post yourself.

So while I will occasionally use to tag a reference design site I like, I think I will stick with Google Note Book for my blogging reference and research.

What are your thoughts? Do you use to tag websites in your blog research?