A while ago I was contacted  through my website by the Managing Director of a Norwegian company called Auto-Maskin. Although the company is Norwegian where most of the staff are based, the Managing Director (British) was actually based locally to me. Auto-Maskin is a company that produces monitoring systems for the marine industry amongst others. After an initial meeting, and providing quotes for various elements I was given the project to design the new corporate brochure.

The Managing Director briefed me in person and I was pleased to find he had also collected samples of the corporate brochure designs of his competitors and told me what he liked and disliked about each of them. This is incredibly helpful as it gives you a real visual “feel” of what the company is looking for.

I started by brainstorming with mind maps and then sketching ideas, I worked through the ideas that I thought were best and started working these up on the computer.

Option 1
The logo for Auto-Maskin has an “O” which has been made into an on switch and I decided to make it look as though a finger had activated the button to show all the features of the system.

Option 2
Using imagery of a circuit board I combined this with a crashing wave to convey the idea of controlling the oceans.

Option 3
Using the shape of the “a” from Auto-Maskin as a picture holder I formed a layout showing the product and ships it is used in, with an abstract wave effect at the base.

The final corporate brochure design was based on option one with the introduction of the circuit board from two.

Following on from this I produced screen savers, range brochures, product sheets, adverts and an exhibition design based on the same theme.