A guest review by Harry Elliot

Contemporary Graphic Design, published in 2007, by Peter & Charlotte Fiell, Taschen, contains an eclectic mix of around 100 graphic designers and their work. The book itself is attractively presented with full-page spreads and a glossy finish. It opens with an introduction that illustrates the preoccupations and issues to which modern graphic designers are responding and also considers the ever evolving medium of graphic design and its developing formats. Each artist has a number of different pieces presented, ranging from record covers, web pages, fonts and commissioned work. They also have the chance to explain their individual design principles, which adds significantly to the experience and develops the reader’s view of the work.

The wide range of artists and work includes Jonathan Barnbrook’s highly politicised work, Yomar Augusto’s abstract pieces and the conceptual handiwork of Craig Holden Feinberg. Over 500 pages long the book is a great source of inspiration due to its diverse selection of designers, as well as being an interesting read. Not only does it capture the mood and feel of design right now but also considers the future for this discipline.

The book is for sale at Amazon and Taschen
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