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Voteforart is a new site that is a bit like Threadless but for University and College Apparel. Anyone can enter the design competitions to create a t-shirt design targeted at specific colleges/universities. The winning t-shirt designer will get a cash prize and their design will printed on t-shirts and sold in the University Book Store. For example one of the current design competitions is shown below:

The University Of Maryland is looking for a cool, never-before-seen design for their basketball fans, and you’re gonna give it to them!  Whether you’re a fan or not, blow the Terps away with your creativity and originality for a chance to see your winning design in the “Maryland Book Exchange” and earn $500 cash. All artists no matter where they are from and what school they go to can submit designs into the contest.

I asked Jeremy Parker, president of VoteforArt a few Questions about his new business

How did you come up with the idea for the T-shirt Design Competitions?

I came up with the idea while at the university of Maryland bookstore. I didn’t see any designs that I liked.  I felt that if given the opportunity, artists from all over the world would create a lot more creative designs. I also felt this could be a way for unknown artists to break into an industry and get their work seen by thousands of people and make money in the process.

I thought that Universities and Colleges already had their own mascots and logos, how creative can artists and designers be?

Universities have there own marks and logos but our design contests allow artists to retouch logos (color, position) and create intricate designs around the already established school logos.

Do the Winning Artists and Designers also get a royalty on their designs in addition to the cash prize?

For specified contests, artists also earn a percentage of sales that take place through our online store (2% of online sales).

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