cheetah 3D design software

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was looking for some new 3D software to use for character design and modelling. Many of you offered advice on programs you recommended, thank you for that. Programs such as 3ds Max are just too complicated and expensive for my current needs. I had also looked at the other end of the spectrum at free 3D software and although there were some solutions they still weren’t what I was looking for. I dabbled with Animation Master but the interface is quite unusual although I know it gives impressive results.

While googling I came across Cheetah 3D which was a relatively cheap ($129) 3D design and animation software built specifically for the mac. I tried the demo and really liked it. It has a really simple looking interface which doesn’t completely daunt a novice but it seems to be very capable software offering a wide range of modelling options including box (subdivision) modelling which was something I was looking for. The Cheetah 3D manual is a little sparse but I bought some tutorial DVDs (only £15) which were really easy to understand and didn’t make me fall asleep like a lot of tutorial DVDs do.

If you are looking for a very capable but affordable 3D software for the mac try out the Cheetah 3D demo.