Design Exercise: Logo Design/Redesign

graphic design exerciseThis is not an adapted live brief but something that students learning graphic design might want to give a try. Sometimes when a client asks for a new logo design they are not sure if they want something new or an update on what they already have – a logo redesign.

Go to Google Images

Go to google images type in something like “shop logo” or any other logo you might be interested in eg. “football logo”, “guitar logo” etc.

Choose one of the logos you don’t like and that ideally has a website to go with it so you can read up about the company.

See if you can answer these questions:

  • The company name as it should be used on the logo design
  • Information about what the company does
  • What do you like/dislike about the current logo
  • Who are the competitors? (have a quick google search for this)
  • “Look and feel” you think would be most approriate contemporary/traditional/brash/minimal/corporate/fun/
  • The Target audience
  • How/where will the logo be used?

This can form the basis of your brief.

The task

Create 3 logo options:
1. One should be very close to the existing logo but refreshed/modernised using similar imagery if any  (but better designed) and similar colours.
2. Another should retain some elements of the original logo, but further away than the first logo design
3. A totally new logo design

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Sample Brief: Fire Extinguisher Package Design

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To create 3 package design options for the look of a fire extinguisher box size W125mm x H288m x D95mm. The fire extinguisher must appeal to the consumer and focus on keeping their loved ones and homes safe, so possible use of home and family imagery.

Create a logo for the Fire extinguisher brand – Firesafe – red should be a key colour (or use an existing brand logo of your choice)

Front of the box

Must be included:
image of the product
Title: General Purpose Fire Extinguisher
bullet points:
Simple to use
No Maintenance required
Ideal for small house fires
5 year warranty

Also on the front:
An icon (which you need to create) for 5 year warranty
Weight: 1kg
Any imagery which you feel is appropriate see for free images

Side Panel
Title: General Purpose Fire Extinguisher
Create diagrams (photo, drawings, icons) showing how to use a fire extinguisher
5 year warranty icon
Weight: 1kg

Sample Brief: Logo and Folder Design

Produce a new logo and folder design for an online Utility switching company “Switch-Your-GAS & ELECTRIC” offering a “PlatinumService” with additional benefits to their standard service.

Platinum Service should portray class and high quality. Minimal text 5 lines and 12 bullet points of benefits. Contact details on rear.

Print requirements A4 Folder printed full colour double sided on 350gsm gloss art, die cut and delivered to one Uk address.

Sample Brief: Design Packaging for a Box of Dog Treats

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Design the look for a new box of dog treats box size 148.5W x 210H x50D mm.

For the logo of the company producing them you can either make up the name and design a logo of your own or choose one of the brand leaders and use that logo.
  1. There will be 3 separate flavours of dog treats chicken, beef and lamb. Initially start the design based on one flavour – chicken
  2. Box colours to be bright and vibrant
  3. Product to be called “Crunchies”
  4. Description:  A irresistible biscuit treat for dogs – also needs to go on the box
  5. Also to go on the box should be the flavour (ie chicken), weight – 300g,  a “new” flash, a barcode, ingredients, analysis and feeding guide – you can use the list here
  6. You need to show an image/s of the product on the front of the box you can use something from here
  7. The different flavours need to be differentiated in some way – possible colour coding

The look of the box
Like the idea of something bright and vibrant fun, along the lines of human snacks – crisps/childrens cereal. 

Take a look at my post on package design inspiration for help with ideas

Sample Brief: Design a Garden Centre Logo

This is based on a brief that I have worked on in the past – names etc have been changed. It may be used to practice logo design for students and new designers.

To develop a logo for Hadley Garden Centre.

A family company that goes back for many years, currently has a logo that is very dated would like a new logo. The existing logo is text placed in a green elipse.
  • Position as Waitrose/BMW of the Garden Centres of good quality but not exclusive.
  • They have very knowledgable staff a high number who have been there form many years and they would like to think their staff are proud to work for them.
  • Want to avoid the cliche leaf image as they want to increase awareness of their non plant products such as giftware, furniture, kitchenware etc.
  • Target market over 40’s.
Create 3 logo options – two colour only
One based on the ideas of text in an elipse (but fairly modern)
The other 2 options can go in any direction you feel appropriate to the market

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Sample Design Brief for Students: New Battery Brand and Pack

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As promised I have created a sample brief based on a brief I had a couple of years ago to create a new brand of batteries – including naming them, creating a logo and designing a look for the brand. For the initial stage I had to come up with three design options for a clam pack holding 4 batteries. The chosen design was then through the other clam packs and boxes and also on to a POS dump bin for use in DIY stores.

The brief (PDF) along with a cutter guide (illustrator eps), fictitious logo (illustrator eps)(similar to to the real one that I was supplied) and a couple of images of competitors designs(jpeg/gif) can be downloaded as a zip file from here. I have also include notes as to how I supplied the visuals and time allocated for the initial design.

The Challenge here was trying to fit a lot of information into a small space, coming up with a name and look that would work well at a small size

I hope this is of use to students, wanting to see some real every day briefs. I am happy to post more if they are of interest.

Any suggestions for the type of “real design briefs” you would like to see are welcomed in the comments below.

Looking for more sample design briefs have a look here.