10 Killer Die-Cuts for Design Inspiration

A guest post by Brian Morris who writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. 

Die cutting is one of the best ways to make your printed marketing tools and packaging stand out from the crowd. For your inspiration, check out the following 10 killer die cuts.

1. Epson Packaging by Ali Prater

This clever design by Ali Prater not only has a cool look, it’s also functional in that it indicates which type of printer cartridge is in the box. The splash of color underneath adds another dimension to an already-awesome die cut.

espson diecut packaging

2. Super You by Matthew Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins’ die-cut creation makes the perfect attention-commanding point-of-sale flyer.

Super You diecut packaging

3. Brand Card by Brand-It

When you have an outstanding logo, there’s no better way to put an exclamation point on it than with a die-cut business card.

Brand card diecut packaging

4. Big 6 by Tim Hansen

Forget bland white envelopes; brand your company with powerfully designed die-cut stationery.

Big 6 diecut packaging

5. Super Happy Times by Jordan Metcalf

Make your greeting cards more fun and memorable with die cuts.

Super Happy Times diecut packaging

6. Mos Burger Calendar by Andrew Wong

Die cuts help these cool calendars stand up to the competition!

Mos-Burger Die cut packaging

7. Smiley Business Card by Driv Loo

Simplicity sells. This die-cut business card isn’t complicated, but it is attention-getting and memorable for powerful branding.

Smiley Die cut packaging

8. Generation Green Card by Pei Ru Chang

This super-cool business card features a unique die cut that makes it impossible to ignore – and presents an opportunity for guerrilla marketing. Excellent design, all the way around!

Generation-Green Die cut

9. Shirt Business Card by Lemongraphic

This fun-yet-serious business card die cut ties in perfectly to the unique theme.

Shirt-Business card die cut

10. Christmas Tree Card by Steff Geissbuhler

This creative greeting card die cut interacts with the recipient – when opened, it forms a pop-out Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree diecut

Author’s Bio: Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

10 Dynamic Drug Package Designs

A guest post by Brian Morris who writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog.

Medicine is one of those unique product industries in which brand and packaging are critical to success. Since so many discount brands are available that have the exact same ingredients, the following drug companies promote their products with dynamic designs to motivate customers to buy from them.

1. Help Remedies by ChappsMalina

Instead of going for wild graphics or busy designs, Help Remedies chooses to stick with the basics. When you want relief, you don’t want to have to guess about what you need or read through long descriptions on the medicine box. The simplicity works for Help, and their packaging is super easy to read and understand.

drug packaging design 1

2. Immuno-Viva by Zeus Jones

Immuno-Viva packages their vitamins in a style similar to Help Remedies, although they take it in a slightly different direction. It’s also no-frills, but it adds a sense of higher style with the dark bottle and contrasting bright colors.

drug packaging design 2

3. ATS Acne Gel by MaximoPharma

When it comes to something basic such as acne cream and gel, it’s hard to get excited about it.  But this design for ATS is fun and friendly, specifically aimed at the preteen and teen market.

drug packaging design 3

4. Multaq by Robbie Workman

This design for Multaq dresses up otherwise ubiquitous and boring blister packs in different types of packaging.  The use of folds, flaps, and slide-outs creates a more exciting and eye-catching look.

drug packaging design 5

5. Remedi by Amanda Wood

This packaging for Remedi was a student-produced design, and it incorporates an attention-commanding red cross logo emblazoned on all the elements.  It’s a simple design that focuses on patient information in the labeling.

drug packaging design 4

6. MediCan by Amcor

Amcor’s MediCan is a functional container that features an easy-to-use pull-top covering. It can be formed into many different shapes and sizes, and it blocks out light and moisture in a compact package.

drug packaging design 6

7. Target Prescription Bottle by Deborah Adler

Target does more than just make cool designs for the home or office, they also came up with a fantastically functional design for their pharmacy drug bottles that stand upside down on their caps. The labels are easy to read and can be color-coded for family members.

drug packaging design 7

8. GreenDo by Andis Niedre

An organic, natural feel dominates the look of this offering from GreenDo.  The design presents comforting and soothing reassurance that the ingredients are natural and good for you.

drug packaging design 8

9. Medicine-On-Time

While this isn’t a design in the traditional sense, the idea allows a pharmacist to put together a daily medicine kit, which is convenient and safe for older patients.

drug packaging design 9

10. Food Science of Vermont by Place Creative

Food Science of Vermont decided to use colorful photos of fruit to convey the idea that their supplements are all-natural and healthy.  The bright colors of the fruit are set against simple graphics and a clean, white background.

drug packaging design 10

Author’s Bio: Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

Inspiring Package Design Book Box Bottle Bag from the Dieline

dieline package design

I have only seen very few package design books that I really like, but Box Bottle Bag is definitely one of them. You wouldn’t really expect any less when it’s brought to you by The Dieline a fantastic blog all about packaging.

This book is a feast of eye candy paired with a brief sentence or two about each piece along with who created it and the font they used. Quite surprisingly good old Helvetica seems to be a firm favourite throughout many pieces of packaging in the book.

This is not a book to learn the design process or real thinking behind projects but is is a book of beautiful  work great for flicking through for Inspiration.

I especially like the way the book is broken into unexpected sections. While you might expect this to be done by packaging area, ie. food and drink, you instead find sections labelled things like Bold, Casual and Nostalgic.

If you design packaging or have aspirations to do so, this is a book for you.

A Sneak Peak inside Box Bottle Bag

package design book from the Dieline

packaging design inspiration

Creative packaging book

What are your favourite books about packaging design?

My Graphic Design Process Shown in Video

I have created a short 2 part video showing my graphic design process to create a piece of packaging design for Betty Miller a company producing pet food in a more natural way.

Graphic Design Process Video Part 1

My graphic design process in the videos starts with creative brainstorming and image research. This is followed by sketching, then working up a few design options on the computer to show the client.

Graphic Design Process Video Part 2

The second video shows how I go from ideas and sketches to working up the final design, including producing a 3d packaging visual which can be used by the client to help sell the product.
Part 2 can be downloaded here (25mb)

learn logo design online

Twenty Sources of Package Design Inspiration

Some of my freelance design work involves packaging design and as such I am always looking for inspiration for creative packaging solutions. Most recently I have been working on some pet food packaging for which I will show my design process in a future post. I have always felt that packaging design is one area of graphic design that is far less publicised than other areas such as logo design.

1. Look in your Cupboard
You only have to open one of your kitchen cupboards to be bombarded with packaging design, and for some reason those food packaging designs have connected with you in some way and persuaded you to buy them. It’s useful to look at these to work out the key element of a successful piece of packaging design.

What made you choose them before you even knew what they tasted like? Was it the beautiful photography, the fun typography, the copy writing, the colours? Can you take this and apply it to your design?

food packaging in cupboard

2. Online Supermarkets
You could take a walk around a local shop or supermarket to source packaging  ideas, this is fine if the products you are looking at are relatively cheap and you can buy a few, but otherwise it could be a problem as most Supermarkets will not allow you to take photos in the shop. Many of the online supermarkets only offer small images of their products (the big UK ones do) but Amazon groceries do. Mashable has a list of 50 places to buy groceries online so its also worth checking out some of their other links for different product packaging design.

Amazon food package design

3. Deviant Art
A quick search on Deviant Art for packaging and you get 15366 results. You can choose to view the designs by popularity from the design community or newness.

packaging Design Gallery at Deviant Art

4. Packaging of the World
Packaging of the World
is a gallery of packaging design broken down into different sections such as toy, vintage, alcohol, and there is an interesting addition of a student/concept packaging design section.

creative packaging solutions on packaging of the world

5. Sustainable packaging ideas
Sustainable Gallery
is a gallery of ideas for sustainable/recyclable packaging design. Sections include compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging design.

sustainable packaging gallery

6. Brand packaging
Also from the same company as the sustainable packaging gallery is Brand Packaging featuring packaging arranged in categories of  rigid plastic, paper/board, flexible, metal and glass/

brand packaging

7. Istockpack – for packaging templates/box nets
If you are looking for inspiration for the shape of your packaging istockpack might give you a few ideas. You can search for packaging templates (box nets) and download then for free. If you have any packaging templates you want to share you can also upload them to the site

packaging templates and box nets from istockpack

8. Lovely package
Lovely package
is a packaging blog where readers are invited to submit their packaging designs.

lovely package design

9. The Package Unseen
The Package Unseen
is a blog written by a package designer which features not just images of beautiful packaging design but the author also writes about packaging design history and his influences.

packaging blog package unseen

10. The Dieline
Probably one of the most well known blogs on packaging design The Dieline is a great source of package design images but also gives a little background to why the packaging was created as it was.

dieline packaging blog

11. Box Vox
Box Vox
Another packaging design blog started by Randy Ludacer who has a small packaging design company in NYC.

boxvox packaging design blog

12. Dzine Magazine
Dzine Magazine
is another packaging blog with inspirational design images

Dzine packaging design blog

13. Enveloop
has plenty of packaging images and they can be viewed by country as well as type.

package design blog by Enveloop

14. Flickr Package Design Groups
Type in the search package into Flickr and many packaging design groups can be found, a few are listed below

flickr package design gallery

www.flickr.com/groups/packaged/ – general packaging design
– food packaging
– soap packaging
– general packaging design
– Toy Packaging
– Japanese Packaging
– Packaging From 1940- 1970

15. Packaging Design Magazine
Package Design Magazine
is website targeted at the package design industry including packaging images and news.

packaging design magazine

16. Behance Network
is a network of creative people, where individuals can also upload their work. A whole variety of package design ideas can be found here.

beahnce package design network

17. Book: 1000 Package Designs
packaging design book - 1000 package designsI have always found it much more difficult to find books on packaging design than most other design subjects. I have recently bought 1000 package designs book which is basically packaging eye candy. If you are looking for the reasoning behind the design work its not for you but if like me its just for inspiration its spot on. I have a couple of the other books in the 1000 series and they are all good (except avoid the icons and symbols one).

18. Book: Demographics Packaging
package design book - DemographicsAnother good packaging book I have previously mentioned is Demographics which breaks packaging down into target markets by age ie. packaging for kids, teens, adults, mature adults. The book shows a variety of packaging design with a few case studies including the design of X Box packaging and Sainsbury’s kid’s food packaging.

19. Strata 3D Packaging Case Study and Showcase
A case study for a package designer showing their package design process to 3D visual in Strata Design 3D for producing a new sauce label design (3D software which I use myself for 3D visuals). Also available on the Strata site is a showcase of 3D package design visuals.

strata 3d packaging design case study

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20. Other Package Design Links
Beautiful and inspiring package design
from Smashing Magazine
inspiring package design
Abduzeedo 30 beautiful inspiring packages

Useful Resources for Package design
Presto Visual royalty free images of boxes, bottles, tubes and other packaging on to use for your package design visuals – found via davidairey.com
A free online barcode generator – make sure you donate if you use