10 Dynamic Drug Package Designs

A guest post by Brian Morris who writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog.

Medicine is one of those unique product industries in which brand and packaging are critical to success. Since so many discount brands are available that have the exact same ingredients, the following drug companies promote their products with dynamic designs to motivate customers to buy from them.

1. Help Remedies by ChappsMalina

Instead of going for wild graphics or busy designs, Help Remedies chooses to stick with the basics. When you want relief, you don’t want to have to guess about what you need or read through long descriptions on the medicine box. The simplicity works for Help, and their packaging is super easy to read and understand.

drug packaging design 1

2. Immuno-Viva by Zeus Jones

Immuno-Viva packages their vitamins in a style similar to Help Remedies, although they take it in a slightly different direction. It’s also no-frills, but it adds a sense of higher style with the dark bottle and contrasting bright colors.

drug packaging design 2

3. ATS Acne Gel by MaximoPharma

When it comes to something basic such as acne cream and gel, it’s hard to get excited about it.  But this design for ATS is fun and friendly, specifically aimed at the preteen and teen market.

drug packaging design 3

4. Multaq by Robbie Workman

This design for Multaq dresses up otherwise ubiquitous and boring blister packs in different types of packaging.  The use of folds, flaps, and slide-outs creates a more exciting and eye-catching look.

drug packaging design 5

5. Remedi by Amanda Wood

This packaging for Remedi was a student-produced design, and it incorporates an attention-commanding red cross logo emblazoned on all the elements.  It’s a simple design that focuses on patient information in the labeling.

drug packaging design 4

6. MediCan by Amcor

Amcor’s MediCan is a functional container that features an easy-to-use pull-top covering. It can be formed into many different shapes and sizes, and it blocks out light and moisture in a compact package.

drug packaging design 6

7. Target Prescription Bottle by Deborah Adler

Target does more than just make cool designs for the home or office, they also came up with a fantastically functional design for their pharmacy drug bottles that stand upside down on their caps. The labels are easy to read and can be color-coded for family members.

drug packaging design 7

8. GreenDo by Andis Niedre

An organic, natural feel dominates the look of this offering from GreenDo.  The design presents comforting and soothing reassurance that the ingredients are natural and good for you.

drug packaging design 8

9. Medicine-On-Time

While this isn’t a design in the traditional sense, the idea allows a pharmacist to put together a daily medicine kit, which is convenient and safe for older patients.

drug packaging design 9

10. Food Science of Vermont by Place Creative

Food Science of Vermont decided to use colorful photos of fruit to convey the idea that their supplements are all-natural and healthy.  The bright colors of the fruit are set against simple graphics and a clean, white background.

drug packaging design 10

Author’s Bio: Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

Easy Search for Free Photographs and Vector Files

free photos and vector images

I received an email a few days ago alerting me to an image search engine for free to use photos. It’s called Freepik and you can check it out at www.freepik.com. Obviously if you are going to use the images for commercial purposes you might want to do a quick upload to Google Image Search just to double check no-one has uploaded images someone else has rights to. There seems to be a good selecttion of images to choose from, so well worth a look especially for bloggers wanting free pics for posts.

Beautifully Designed Playing Cards fit for a King, Queen, Jack…

Vanda Cards - Well Designed playing cards

Designer David Goldklang got in touch with me recently to show me some beautifully designed playing cards he had designed and I asked if he would be interested in sharing his story.

David Goldklang DesignerTara: Please could you tell me a little bit about yourself, where you are based and  what you do?

David: I’m a graphic designer living in San Francisco, California. I’m currently working for Deanne Delbridge at Creative Focus. We offer creative consulting for photographers as well as design of branding, websites, portfolios, and other collateral. Additionally I work as a freelance designer for clients around the world, specializing mostly in branding and web design.

Tara: You have created a set of beautifully designed playing cards called Vända cards, please could you tell me what inspired you to create them and where the name came from?

David: Thanks, Tara!

My life seems to be filled with playing cards – I’ve always been very interested in cards, games, and puzzles and I’ve played quite a bit of poker. Also, my brother Jordan is a professional magician and typically has dozens of card decks sitting around. Designing a deck of cards is a fantastic project because it’s a perfect opportunity to really let your creativity free – there are so many different elements to design that have to work together and a basic structure to follow, but the possibilities are endless in terms of theme, style, and colors. So I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually design a card deck.

The name Vända was Jordan’s idea. It’s a Swedish term meaning ‘turn/reverse/twist’ which is incredibly apt because it describes some of the ‘color change’ effects that are used by magicians as well as the deck’s complete rotational symmetry – a feature that is entirely unique to the Vända deck. It also inspired me to design an ambigrammatic (rotationally-symmetrical) logo.

Tara: What was your design process?

David: All of the design features included in the deck were first sketched on paper. It began several months ago with exploring different typographic concepts for the court cards. I went through a number of variations before deciding on ones that really worked well. I particularly like the design of the kings and those seem to be favorite cards for many people who have seen the deck. I also spent considerable time developing the center pips for the spades, clubs, and hearts. My goal was to develop unique symbols that were rotationally symmetrical and worked well alongside the traditional suit icons.

Vanda cards

Tara: You have launched a Kickstarter project for the cards please could you tell me a bit about what you hope to achieve from the campaign?

David: The goal is to raise enough money to cover the cost of printing the decks properly. In addition to the actual printing costs, there’s the expense of artwork setup by the printer, proof copies, shipping, and project/transaction fees. The cards will be printed on Bee casino-quality stock by the US Playing Card Company and will look and feel exactly like those used in most casinos in Las Vegas and around other parts of the world. Getting the world’s best quality of cards isn’t cheap and that’s why I’m looking for support from the Kickstarter community.

Tara: Do you have plans to create more future designs?

Absolutely! I already have ideas for further editions of the Vända cards as well as other completely new design concepts. I’ve also been talking to some friends about designing themed playing card decks to help promote other businesses such as music groups. I really hope this project is successful because I would love the opportunity to produce more of my designs and share them with all the card enthusiasts out there.

Tara: Where can people find out more about you and Vända cards?

David: Right now the best place to go is the kickstarter page
I’ve also created a Vända cards facebook page where I will be running promotional drawings to win free Vända cards and accessories (just ‘like’ the page to be eligible to win):
The official website for Vända cards is www.vandacards.com.

vanda cards backs

Vanda Cards Box

Forget the Veggies now you can get Tasty Art Delivered to Your Door

Art in a Box
I just found out about a really interesting looking website called Art in a Box. It looks a great idea, whereby art lovers can subscribe and for a monthly fee of $50 get sent a piece of art from one of the sites registered artists. Obviously sometimes you might not like the art, so you are taking a punt, but it would be an interesting way of finding new artists work, plus get some original work on your walls for a decent price. It might sound like a bad deal for the artist, but I think it is really being used as a lead generator for them as they can also sell their work through the companies online shop at greater prices. Chances are if someone likes your work they might just buy another piece. Currently Art in a Box is only available in the US. Correction: Artbox is available in the US and Canada + other countries for an additional postage charge.

Artist Renee Johnson talks about her work

Art in a Box artist Martin Webb talks about his work

A Conversation with Art in a Box artist Kelsey Robinson

original source – http://dailyworth.com/ newsletter

Funny Feet Character Designs

If any of you have been reading my blog for a little while you may know that I have been trying to get some of my character designs licensed, but as yet have had no luck 🙁 . So if any licensing agents are reading please get in touch.

I thought I would share with you some funny feet characters I created which I thought could make fun card and stationery designs. I had the strange idea for feet characters a couple of years ago, just rough in my sketch book, but couldn’t think what to do with them. Then I worked some of them up a little while ago in illustrator and photoshop. I have ideas for more but they are still scribbles.

Anyway here they are:

Pitter patter of baby feet character design

baby foot character

The Big Cheese (New Job)

big cheese character design

MistleTOE kisses – Christmas greetings

christmas feet character

So hard choosing what to wear

shoes character

Let’s play footsie – valentine

footsie valentine characters

Head over heels in love – wedding

wedding characters

Are you working on any character designs or have licensed your work? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Unstuck 52 Ways to Get and Keep your Creativity Flowing

unstuck creativit book coverI bought the book Unstuck (52 Ways to Get and Keep your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work and in your Studio) pretty much out of curiosity. I had previously read about the author Noah Scalin’s personal design project to create a Skull a Day. For this project he literally created an image by whatever means of a skull for every day of one year.

I am big believer in personal design projects and really like the premise behind this book. The book is filled with exercises aimed at getting your creative brain working. I know from personal experience how easy it is to get pigeon holed into a certain type if work, especially when you work full time, so this book might help you to break out of it.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have as the creative exercises are split into projects from 30 seconds (yes you read that correctly) to several hours.

So what sort of creative exercises can you expect?

Two minute project

Choose one of the provided squiggles (or make your own) and combine it with one of the supplied phrases (or make your own). Using the squiggle create a doodle which visually represents the phrase.

Unstuck Noah Scalin

Multi hour project pg 216

Take a camera and go outside, find images that can make up an alphabet.

Adapt the creative projects to your own needs

I have adapted one of the exercises myself. In the book Noah tells you to make 2 separate lists and the combine items from each to stimulate new ideas. Instead I created a series of coloured cards with different characteristics which I can combine at random to try and generate new character design ideas.

Interviews with other Creatives

Amongst the creative exercises there are short articles where different creatives share their thoughts and strategies on staying creative.

unstuck creative interviews

Who should buy this book

Anyone who is feeling in a creative rut or anyone who wants a new creative project outside of work to get their creative juices flowing.

unstuck creativity

You can get the book from Amazon here or find out more about it in the website

Please note the Amazon links are affiliate links – this means if you buy through them you pay the same but I get a small commission, so I can buy more books.