Build Your Own Website the Right Way Using HTML and CSS

A sitepoint book written by Ian LLoyd
sitepoint book I have booked myself an initial day of HTML web training so I thought I would try to give myself a headstart. I have bought a book on HTML and CSS before but have practically nodded off as I was trying to read it.

This one is different, I actually understand some of the concepts I didn’t before, like the way you can move divs round a page. Its is written very clearly and doesn’t assume you know something you don’t. I think its going to be a useful reference as well as teaching book. If the days training goes well I will be delving into this to try and make my first website (all be it a simple one) by coding only – Arrggh! I have got to learn!

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1000 Type Treatments

A great book – the best I have found on modern typography

1000typetreatmentsThis book is about 24cm square and literally as it title says shows 1000 type treatments. If your typography is becoming a little stale this is a real eye opener. All though some of the designs are very ultra modern – if you applied similar styles to your traditional clients they would think you had gone completely mad (type overlaid so it looks great but highly illegible – so it works as an image rather than type) It is ideal if you want inspiration to try create something fresh and modern. There are of course more subdued corporate styles too.

Each page consists of a few pages of a brochure with close up of elements, the look of the book itself is also well designed. I was so impressed by this book I went out and bought another in the series – 1000 graphic elements, again a good book but not as good as this one.

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Icons: Web Design Portfolios

Another good one for web design ideas

Web Design BookAn A5 size book – each page contains a few pages from a website, there is webdesign from all over the world from plain and corporate to modern and funky designs. This book has a great range of styles and is a useful reference for both web and print graphics

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Web Design Index 6

Great Book for Web Design Inspiration

web designI have been searching for a long time for a good book on webdesign – the aesthetics rather than technical issues and this is just it. The book is about 2/3 A4 portrait size about 370 ish pages, each spread contains 6 website images with web address and company etc beneath it. The websites seem to be arranged in colour order ranging from very minimal and white at the beginning to brighter in the middle and black based sites at the end. It is a great source of inspirarion for anyone designing websites and also has a CD at the back containing all the web images in the same order as the book with links to the sites.

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