Graphic Design and the Recession What do you Think?

Its been a long time since I last posted, and I have no excuse except to say I just ran out of steam, short attention span and all that. My site was also taken down for a few days by my host provider due to heavy usage and I had to try and trim it down a bit.

So how is the world of graphic design in the recession? How is it for you? For me, I see ups and downs, a manic June with loads of work to a quiet July (although holiday season generally slows things down a bit).

I have tried out a few different methods this/last year to promote myself with varied results:

  • Blogging – yes the blog bought in a few bits of work, but as you know I have been a bit lazy on that one 🙂
  • Directories/Google local – I have found a couple of new clients purely through then finding my design website (not graphic design blog) online through a google local search or being high up in google through being listed in a design directory.
  • Mailshot – creating a postcard and dropping it in letterboxes of local firms found me one small job, but overall wasn’t particularly successful
  • Advertising in a business magazine – not successful for me at all.

What are your experience of graphic design in a recession and what are you doing about it?

Design and Advertising Influences Every Part of Our Lives


Have you ever thought about the fact that design and advertising influences nearly every part of our lives and is part of a lot of decisions we make?

You get up, woken by the alarm…
By the Alarm clock you have chosen – why did you choose it, perhaps you liked the design, perhaps it was cheap. How did you know it was cheap – because of the design of its packaging or the design of the shop it was in perhaps.

You get out of bed…
You pull back the quilt, with the design that you chose because it matched the decor of your room or because it said something about you.

You shower…
You are bombarded with designs which promise fuller softer hair and skin. Bottles of product you chose say – I look after myself, I’m indulgent, I’m practical or I’m on a budget.

You brush your teeth…
Will your toothpaste help your sensitive teeth , did the advertisement promise your teeth will be white than white, or did you choose the supermarket brand which you trusted to give quality and value?

You get some breakfast…
Cereal packets cry eat me I’m healthy, I’m sweet, I will stop you feeling hungry all day. The colour and tone of the packaging helps you believe in the product.

You leave and get in the car…
Why did you choose that car, was it the design, the colour, a status symbol, the advertising which suggested you would become more attractive to the opposite sex? Maybe it was the cheap and cheerful signage in the garage saying BARGAIN ONLY £XXX

On your way to work you will be bombarded by signage, billboards, logos and designs on other vehicles, radio advertising and you haven’t even got to work yet.

How much do you think design and advertising influences our lives?