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How much can be taught and how much is raw talent?
Does a graphic designer need to be able to draw?

A graphic designer in my opinion needs to be a reasonable good artist and therefore must have raw talent. I have often wondered if there are good designers out there who can’t draw? When I was at college a few of the students admitted their drawings skills were somewhat limited. Surely a designer must have at least some artistic ability to see the balance on a page?

How much can be taught. If your average “non artistic” person was taken out of an office job and taught about grids and balancing elements on a page could they ever be a good designer?

To me there are two types of jobs the type that can be learned and the type that you need talent for. Athletes, artists, performers, designers to me would all come under one category – raw talent required, while many other jobs can be learned, that’s not to say to varying degrees of ability. A non artistic person can be taught to organise information in a logical and pleasing form but I don’t honestly think they can truly create a good design, but I guess that is where the question “what is good design” comes in. One advantage that a non design person could have over an “artistic” designer is you would imagine they could be more focused on functionality and readability?

Computers have made it so easy to put together a document (however badly) that I have seen some sites showing the portfolio of “the designer” who is clearly not a designer. They perhaps can use a few design programs, and perhaps programming, but have no sense of design and aesthetics.

What do you think can designed be taught or do you need talent?

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