As a freelancer I obviously have to maintain my own back up of my work. It has amazed me in the past going in to some companies how little attention is paid into organising a CD/DVD back up. This means when an old job needs to be revised it takes forever to find it.

Personally I have 2 external hard drives which I use to back up all the current work on my Computer most nights (I confess I have the odd lazy day). I use these hard drives in rotation so hopefully I have two copies on external drives.

All completed jobs I put in a folder called “to backup” – within that I name folders by month (eg. June 2007 bk up 1) – then within that client then by job number. I burn 2 DVD copies before I remove the work from my computer and then use DiskTracker (Mac OS X) a great little programme which catalogues your CDs or DVDs.

If ever you need an old job you then open DiskTracker and can search by client, job number, job , date etc and it tells you which CD/DVD your job is on. It definately speeds up finding files