Every now and then I am completely gobsmacked by something that happens as a result of blogging, this includes those random lovely emails with people saying they enjoy your blog, to something a lot less nice that happened to me yesterday.

A simple email from a design and PR agency which very short just said – how much for a link?

My response: Many thanks for your email, but I don’t offer links for design services.
(Although I have links to other designers (non paid) in my blogroll, these are peoples whose blogs I have read or who I have exchanged links with.)

The Emailer: Yes you do? there in the side bar?

My response: I mean for companies which do graphic design

The Emailer: OK fine, your choice. Instead ill just report your site to google for selling links.

My response: Crikey I only said I didn’t sell links to design sites, I wasn’t rude. I don’t think you would want links to other sites offering PR etc on yours, would you.

The Emailer: I’m due to speak with Google later on today and your site will be reported for buying links, unless they are removed by the 4.20pm today or you put up a follow link with the text “XXXXXXXXX” pointing back to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (this was pointing back to their website)

I will check your site before my phone call at 4.20pm , I’m sure you understand what the penalties are.

Now this is the sort of thing I might expect from one person who does a bit of graphic design and thought they would have a bit of “fun” trying to get a link, but this was a company with several people. I called the company and asked to speak to the company owner, to tell them I didn’t appreciate their employees attempting to blackmail me, but I was told that the person in question was one of the owners. I was thinking of giving them the link they wanted in this post, but I haven’t just in case somehow someone had managed to hijack their email and it didn’t really come from the supposed sender.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of pettiness before?