Art Rage

Most people have heard of Painter by Corel which simulates the look of real paints and canvas, but you may not have heard about Art Rage. I read about Art Rage recently in a Mac magazine and decided to download the free starter edition to quickly try it out. The starter edition gives you a few tools including chalks, oil paint, pencils to get you started, extra tools are disabled, available in the paid edition costing $25 for Mac or Windows. Missing also in the free edition is the ability to create layers.

I have a copy of Painter but as a very occasional user find it quite complicated to use and I felt that the cut down version of Painter (Painter Essentials) lacked the tools I wanted to try. A quick try of Art Rage and it seems fairly intuitive to use, it gives you the ability to place a tracing image, useful if you want to use a sketch or photo as a base and I like the look of the oil paints. Why not download the free edition and give it a try?

You can see what can be done with Art Rage in the video below.