I have been having a few problems with one particular website (no way am I linking to them 🙂 ) copying my posts and images and wondered if I could do something about it.

They ignored me when I tried to contact them so I tried out something David Airey had suggested to stop people hotlinking images by providing the hotlinker with a replacement image (with my web address on it). Unfortunately I didn’t realise that this would cause images not to appear in my RSS feed and then the replacement image would also be stored in a users cache when they clicked through to my site. Teddi Deppner from Creative Web Guru kindly alerted me to this, so thank you Teddi. I apologise for this and have now removed the hotlinking code so hopefully everyone using an RSS reader will be able to view images ok again (if not please empty cache). There are ways to adapt the code of the .htaccess file to allow RSS readers but it was all getting too complicated for me.