I just thought I would share an experience I had with my blog at the weekend. I was doing a bit of tweaking to my graphic design blog and for some reason I couldn’t edit text from my existing WordPress posts, I would make the text edit and save, but the text would go back to how it was. Then shortly after all my posts and pages disappeared both from the admin section of WordPress, as well as the front end. After a slight (OK major) panic – and realising that I hadn’t made a back up very recently (tut tut).

I contacted my host – Hostgator and asked if they could reupload the latest version they had for me back to my blog. Within a couple of hours they had come back to me and said the problem was a corrupted database and they had repaired it for me. So thank you Hostgator and don’t make the same mistake I did, back up your blog regularly, mosts hosts let you do this through your cpanel or there are WordPress plugins available.