adiumMost of my friends use MSN messenger, so that is what I had been using too up until about 6 months ago, when one of my clients said it would be nice to be able to contact me on iChat. I must admit I had never really used iChat as no-one I knew used it. I didn’t really want to have two messenger programs open so had a look for a program that would allow me to view users on different messenger programs at the same time. I found a program called Fire which allowed me to see my client on iChat and my friends on MSN. I thought Fire might be of interest to other bloggers and designers so I went and had a quick look at their web page to see if their were any updates only to find Fire is no longer being updated. There was however a link to a program called Adium which I have downloaded and seems to have similar functionality. You can see people from AOL, ICQ, IChat (Bonjour), MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gadu-Gadu, Live Journal, Novell Groupwise, QQ and Lotus Sametime. The only thing missing is Skype, which I guess will just have to be open as well when needed. Adium automatically recognised I had been using Fire and imported my contacts which was nice and easy. So far so good I will keep you updated if I run into any problems.