I received a magazine from Vauxhall a couple of days ago and loved some of the images in it. I tore them out as I reminder that it was about time I updated my design scrap book. I have been keeping a scrap book of design bits for about 15 years. I am in no way a prolific collector hence I am just reaching the end of my second book but every now and again I will see something in a magazine, a greeting card, a leaflet etc that I like and will keep it to put in my scrapbook. When my design magazine shelf gets overloaded they go to the guillotine too. Sometimes I don’t even like the piece that I stick in the book, but there is an aspect of it that could be a useful reference, maybe the text is tipped at an angle or enclosed in a shape.

I thought you might find it interesting how design and illustration has changed over my scrapbook years. These are some of the first pages from my first book.


Notice below the Walkman ad, I thought this was great at the time (now I feel really old!). I think this must have been circa 1995. I remember futura was one of the “IN” fonts around then too.

old scrap2

My latest scrap book definitely looks different, some of it obviously down to changing fashion but I guess also to my changing taste.



Scrapbooks are a great source of inspiration. In effect you create your own graphic design book.

Do you collect anything or make scrapbooks to inspire your work?