1. A day in the life of a…Mechanical Engineer … duh … Graphic Designer that studied engineering.

2. Your Name:  Jorge Heles

3. Company Name/University Name etc: Funcionalismo, Novo Corp. Heavy Metal Mexican Magazine 36ZERO

4. Web Address: www.revista36zero.com

5. City, Country México

6. How you Start the Day
Well i usually get up at 6:50 AM, im the kind of guy that really cares about looks, so i get a quick shower, (if i have to shave, i get up 5 minutes earlier, not that i have to much beard) i slip in to a pair of Jeans, look for my shoes, it depends on what im doing on the day, i grab a fruit bar from the kitchen, have a quick checkout for all i need through the day, (lucky gauntlets, wallet, blackberry, zune, keys, engagement ring … Yes my girlfriend and i have the same ring couse we want to get married someday, so i wear it all the time im the kind of commitment guy, rush to the taxi site, get to the train, perhaps at 7:25, and get to my job and 8:00 am, perhaps 8:10 if i stop and grab a bite of something (usually green tee and a croisant) so i enter the building say hi to the watcher, sometimes i say hi to the receptionist, and i get to my place ready to rock at… perhaps aum … 8:10 (8:20 couse i have a intel core duo that really needs a boost, so it takes a while to get it ready for work.)

7. First jobs, on graphic design?
Well i had to do this official website for a guy named LUIS MIGUEL when i was 17 back in 1999, i was one of the few guys that learned how to do websites and used some java, so people started looking for me, and one of my pals in high school, to do this WebPages of many different things, there was Purina Agribrands mexico, This Luis Miguel guy very famous in my country, Pelletier jewelries, and SPY  rave organizers, most of them got to us by ower companions parents, (we studied on a catholic school “named Centro universitario mexico”) so we did it for the money to get nice clothes and have a little fun, we weren’t wealthy guys (i mean economically) so that money was awesome, and we did a good portfolio for just being 17 year old high school students, so i entered university, and my father didn’t want me to study art, or anything related to it, he was always telling me that i would end up drawing people’s faces on a park, so i had to study what the old guy wanted (he was paying, he could choose) but many guys besides the web design, liked my drawings and digital designs, (i used to do digital manipulations to photos of my classmates putting their faces on donkeys bodies or funny stuff like that) so i had an offer to begin working on a small studio named KAOBANET it belonged to a Peruvian woman, that had a good taste for plants and art, so i began doing websites for small companies at first, then i began doing art for Purina once again, (one of the head managers looked for me and i took the client to the studio, so many other good companies began to work with it) one day i arrived after school to the studio and the woman was deported, she was doing his neighbor’s husband so she was reported and the deported back to Peru. I was 19 by then.

8. The rest of your work day
Well i work here at novo corp. they have many different companies, they have this modern furniture stores named FUNCIONALISMO, they sell a lot of Le corbusier, Breuer, and modern designers stuff so i enjoy that part i do posters for nice lounges and magazines, i also get to do arquitecture photo and travel a lot to assist to museums of modern art. they also have a ( i dont know how to call it well in english) but they construct buildings(residential stuff) so i do all the flyers, brochures websites and promotional stuff, and finally they have a ranch where that grow all this organic stuff(fruit, flowers, honey, milk, eggs) so i also do the ranch brochures and stuff, I’m at the corp, only till 2:00 pm, after that i take a lunch brake, and begin my own stuff, i have a METAL magazine, its been called the best metal magazine in latin America(not that we have famous bands like IRON MAIDEN or sabbath but we really love metal in Latin American countries, so i usually get to interviews, business meetings, photo shoots, concerts and stuff related to the magazine, we are just a small group of guys trying to get this magazine to compete with big stuff like hammer UK or Revolver on the US, we started like an electronic publication, we had lotsa download from all around the world so we decided this year to print it, it has gone ok, but we cant live from it, i do all the designing, my associate does must of the text’s, and we have a pair of writers and a photographers but usually we both get all the stuff done, so when i get all of that stuff done i get back at home and continue working on the magazine’s art or photos, or in design formation, or any stuff related to the graphic stuff on the magazine.

9. Evening – I usually spend it on my pc working on my magazine, on weekends i sing at a heavy metal band, some times i get to see my parents, i chat a lot with my girlfriend (she is at the other side of the country, but we love each other very much), sometimes i attend  to concerts, not just metal ones, i love classic stuff, opera ( i do some singing of that too) or just wander around the city, i luv old places, where i can take cool photos that i send to my GF, so she gets to see what i do daily, (its like sharing my day with her)

10. What you love about your job /course – Well i love to express myself, I love that people get so many feelings about my work, that they have a descent artwork from the bands they love, I love that im in constant learning of new techniques, and get to meet amazing people that are involved in arts, and many other disciplines, i love designing more than anything in life, i studied engineering, couse i had too, but designing had such an influence on me, that i cant remember any engineering stuff by now (im 27) I just wander on the net looking cool places to make my design panorama bigger, i also get many designing books from around the world, i just love it all

11. What you hate about your job /student life – I don’t get to sleep much, im always on deathliness (sometimes that’s exciting) some times i have been mistreated by other people, couse they want my services for free, or at a very low cost, my mom cant explain herself how do i get paid by doing “cute drawings” my GF also told me once, that if she knew she could get good money from doing magazine’s formation she wouldn’t had studied a career for such a long time,

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