freelance graphic designer1. A day in the life of a graphic designer

2. My name: Vicki Willingham

3. Company Name: VictoriaAnn Design

4. Web Address:

5. Based in Suffolk, UK

6. How you Start the Day – ie. Get up what time, travel?
It can vary. As a freelancer I work from home and have my 19 month old daughter at home with me except for two days a week when I can really get on with work for the entire day. So my start to most days: Wake up to daughter calling. Get her ready, fed, cleaned, dressed etc. Sometimes I am able to work for half an hour while she plays by herself but I usually end up playing with her and sorting snacks, nappies, drinks etc until her nap time.

7. First jobs – When my daughter naps I’m able to get a good couple of hours work done which will be sorting emails, checking rss feeds for anything interesting, working on sketches, concepts or on Adobe Illustrator compiling some designs or working on existing projects.

8. The rest of your work day – Then it’s lunch, more playing possibly going to a toddler group followed by dinner and her bed time! Sometimes I can fit in work during the day too, it depends on the work I’m doing. I can sit on the sofa and sketch or write out ideas while my daughter is playing or having lunch. Weekends are very different. My partner is home so I often do some extra ‘on the computer’ work on the weekends.

9. Evening – If I have more work to do I can do it when she’s in bed. Sometimes if I’m particularly inspired or have a lot to get done I’ll intentionally wake up before her to do it. It’s so tempting not to do this most days! On days where I’ve managed to fit a lot in during the day I’ll relax with my partner, watch some TV and maybe have an early night with a relaxing bath and a good book!

10. What you love about your job /course – I love the creative aspect and to freelance I love choosing my own hours and being able to spend time with my little girl in the daytime. I also love being able to pop to the shops if I want too, or to make personal phone calls during the day – the plusses to working for myself at home!

11. What you hate about your job /student life – Erm…I don’t like Mondays and Tuesdays when I drop my daughter off at grandparents as it generally does mean getting up early and being very organised! There isn’t really anything I dislike about my actual job though.

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