graphic design student1. A day in the life of a graphic design student

2. My name: Tom White

3. Company Name/University Name etc: Plymouth College of Art

4. Web Address: (College’s Address) (mine)

5. City, country – Plymouth, England

6. How you Start the Day – ie. Get up what time, travel?
I start the day at 7 in the morning where I get up and drag myself to the graphic studio at college via a 45 minute bus journey, sadly I am yet to experience the wonders of a car. Once I’m at college along with the other students, we all collect ourselves into this ‘conference’ room, and are briefed by the tutors at the college about the days events and what is expected.

7. First jobs – My first job was actually re-designing an entire companies face. There colours, there website, there flyers, there business cards. Was a massive project that went on for about 6-7 months. But sadly, They had to close because of the money eating climate were stuck in.

8. The rest of your work day – The rest of my work day includes various tasks, tasks such as seeing the mistress, updating my website, checking out Facebook and continuing with my studies. You only live once, so I enjoy a few nights out 😛

9. Evening – well, If I’m at the house of an evening I spend my time on here. The internet, without this, id be dead. 🙂 Its my inspiration and motivation to continue doing what I’m doing.

10. What you love about your job /course – It lets me express myself, and sets me mini task’s just like the ones I’ve been set as a budding freelancer.

11. What you hate about your job /student life – Waking up, lets be honest, nobody likes waking up in the mornings knowing you have a full day ahead of you, probably containing research or some sort of organisation of paper work. 😛

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