freelance graphic designer1. A Day in the life of a Freelance Graphic / Apparel Designer

2. My name: James Beresford

3. Company Name: Collaborative Thought

4. Web Address:

5. Based in Truro, Cornwall, UK

6. How you Start the Day – ie. Get up what time, travel?
I start every day at 6:30am with a dawn jog , then hit the cereal and banana combo , then dressed and head off to the studio.

7. First jobs – My first jobs are to syphon through the junk mail, then to make the first pot of tea of the day.

8. The rest of your work day – Depends on what i’m doing. I could be designing a new pair of chino shorts or a 126 page brochure. My work is so diverse it’s a different day every day!

9. Evening – I dont finish in the studio til about 7pm. Evenings are a cross between sat on the sofa with my sketch book doodling / making the tea.

10. What you love about your job /course – I love the freedom of my job, the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want ( in moderation of course ). The fact that every week can be different depending on what clients you are working with, is a massive thumbs up. It keeps your creative juices flowing and experience in every aspect of design.

11. What you hate about your job /student life – Absolutely Nothing ; I love my job and wouldn’t swap it for anything in the world. I took the very scary plunge of quitting full time employment to follow my dream and it has turned out to be the best decision of my life.

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