I try to keep an eye on what is happening in design by keeping an eye on other design related blogs. A couple of relatively new design blogs are Margins and Columns and Logo Design Love

brochure design

Margins and Columns
Margins and Columns is a blog brought to my attention by its owner Pawel Grabowski who took part in Freelancer Focus a while ago. The blog is a brochure design inspiration site something which I think is severely lacking on the web. It consists of some really beautiful brochure design examples – no writing apart from a simple category and designer credit. This could become another logopond, but for brochure designers.

logo design blog

Logo Design Love
Logo Design Love is owned by David Airey who already runs a very popular graphic design blog. David has already shown on his design blog how passionate he is about logo design on his design blog, so if this is anything to go by then Logo Design Love is bound to be a success. Logo Design Love has articles about famous logo design, logo design books and resources for logo design inspiration.

What new design blogs are you reading at the moment?