A guest post by Josh, the social media marketing guru at DBP, a printing company specialising in banners, stickers and labels based in the UK.

There must be thousands of varieties of wine and usually, when you’re looking down the aisles at the supermarket, very few of the labels really stand out. They’re usually quite generic and uninspiring.

However, there are a handful of wine companies who really go that extra mile when it comes to designing and printing labels for their bottles. Here are some of those more creative examples for your inspiration.

1 Oggau Estate

Oggau Estate is one of the most well known wineries in Austria and it’s easy to see why. At Oggau estate, they don’t just make wine, but also add a huge amount of personality to their labels by adding a different character for each bottle. According to Oggau Estate, each character is based on a certain family member (e.g. children, grandparents etc).

Source: Oggau Estate

2  /M/A/S/H


This minimal, yet hugely creative design from the team at /M/A/S/H is named “Return of the Living Red” and it’s easy to see why. Although it might appear quite minimal, the blood-like seal over the cork combined with the attached envelope is all it needs. The envelope contains details about the wine inside the bottle as well as a horror story.

Source: /M/A/S/H

3 – Matsu


Matsu are creators of fine, organic wine and their label designs are certainly creative. There are three designs for each of the three different wines produced by Matsu and the labels each feature a family member (grandfather, father and grandson), portraying the history of the company and its family values without a single word.

Source: Matsu

4 – Logan Weemala

Logan Weemala is an Australian winery based in the Weemala region and their labels have been designed to represent the region where the grapes are grown. Each of the birds on the five variants of wine are common in the area and therefore, portray the history of the wine in a minimalistic, beautiful style.

Source: Logan Weemala

5 – Segreto


These beautiful looking wine bottles are the result of an anniversary label design for the Segreto company. The bottles were very limited in their production but if you were lucky enough to purchase three of them, you can pair them together spell out the name of the company (as pictured). Such a beautiful design.

Source: Segreto

6 – Boarding Pass Shiraz


Many people indulge in a bottle of wine during a long flight and this exceptionally creative label design makes that experience even more fun. The wine label is essentially designed in the style of a boarding pass with essential boarding information replaced with wine information. It looks great and no doubt goes down well onboard.

Source: Boarding Pass Shiraz

7 – Delhaize


These wine labels were produced by a Bulgarian supermarket and were created to reflect the wines country of origin. Corks were used as part of each design and decorated accordingly to represent the various countries with a recognisable icon. For example, South African wine features a cork decorated like an elephant.

Source: Delhaize

8 – B Frank Wine


This label is only half designed for you; you have to do the other half yourself. B Frank Wine allows you to fill in the label yourself and let your co-drinker know why you’re drinking with them. For example, “I’m only drinking with you because…I’m about to fire you and you don’t know it yet”. The design is minimal and makes drinking a great wine even more fun!

Source: B Frank Wine

9 – Lazarus Braille Wine


Although this design might look like nonsense to most people, those that can read Braille will have absolutely no trouble understanding it. The label is printing almost entirely in Braille (although there is an English description near the bottom of the bottle) and although it might look quite mysterious and strange, the design is cool and certainly stands out from the crowd.

Source: Lazarus Wine

10 – TwentyFour


The label for TwentyFour was created by artist, Ben Schiller. Ben is known for creating interesting designs from regular objects and in this case, it’s rubber bands. The result is a minimal, cool looking label that is certainly one of the more creative out there. The name TwentyFour is derived from the circumference of the bottle at exactly 24cm.

Source: Ben Schiller

Author Bio: Josh is the social media marketing guru at DBP, a printing company specialising in banners, stickers and labels based in the UK.