A guest post by Brian Morris who writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog.

Medicine is one of those unique product industries in which brand and packaging are critical to success. Since so many discount brands are available that have the exact same ingredients, the following drug companies promote their products with dynamic designs to motivate customers to buy from them.

1. Help Remedies by ChappsMalina

Instead of going for wild graphics or busy designs, Help Remedies chooses to stick with the basics. When you want relief, you don’t want to have to guess about what you need or read through long descriptions on the medicine box. The simplicity works for Help, and their packaging is super easy to read and understand.

drug packaging design 1

2. Immuno-Viva by Zeus Jones

Immuno-Viva packages their vitamins in a style similar to Help Remedies, although they take it in a slightly different direction. It’s also no-frills, but it adds a sense of higher style with the dark bottle and contrasting bright colors.

drug packaging design 2

3. ATS Acne Gel by MaximoPharma

When it comes to something basic such as acne cream and gel, it’s hard to get excited about it.  But this design for ATS is fun and friendly, specifically aimed at the preteen and teen market.

drug packaging design 3

4. Multaq by Robbie Workman

This design for Multaq dresses up otherwise ubiquitous and boring blister packs in different types of packaging.  The use of folds, flaps, and slide-outs creates a more exciting and eye-catching look.

drug packaging design 5

5. Remedi by Amanda Wood

This packaging for Remedi was a student-produced design, and it incorporates an attention-commanding red cross logo emblazoned on all the elements.  It’s a simple design that focuses on patient information in the labeling.

drug packaging design 4

6. MediCan by Amcor

Amcor’s MediCan is a functional container that features an easy-to-use pull-top covering. It can be formed into many different shapes and sizes, and it blocks out light and moisture in a compact package.

drug packaging design 6

7. Target Prescription Bottle by Deborah Adler

Target does more than just make cool designs for the home or office, they also came up with a fantastically functional design for their pharmacy drug bottles that stand upside down on their caps. The labels are easy to read and can be color-coded for family members.

drug packaging design 7

8. GreenDo by Andis Niedre

An organic, natural feel dominates the look of this offering from GreenDo.  The design presents comforting and soothing reassurance that the ingredients are natural and good for you.

drug packaging design 8

9. Medicine-On-Time

While this isn’t a design in the traditional sense, the idea allows a pharmacist to put together a daily medicine kit, which is convenient and safe for older patients.

drug packaging design 9

10. Food Science of Vermont by Place Creative

Food Science of Vermont decided to use colorful photos of fruit to convey the idea that their supplements are all-natural and healthy.  The bright colors of the fruit are set against simple graphics and a clean, white background.

drug packaging design 10

Author’s Bio: Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.